EasyStock History


Powerful Search Engine and Additional Features
With a powerful new search engine capacity, we launched Version 4 of EasyStock in 2012.
With our commitment to providing enhanced capabilities and added value for users of EasyStock, we decided to give the program a complete overhaul.
We looked at all the functions with a fresh eye, and decided to create a new user interface.


Exponential Curve as Technologies Developed
Following three years of development, we launched version 3.0 developed exclusively for E-commerce with an easy way of putting your business online and maintaining it successfully.
Version 3.0 introduced several new features: a new diamond search engine with sliders, diamond comparison, optimization module and, most of all, finished jewelry support. Version 3 was another complete re-write providing a flexible, clearly structured and advanced powerful application to benefit the end-user.EasyStock Version 3 provided a user-friendly solution. A powerful E-commerce solution for diamonds and jewelry, it accommodated online requirements for image control, online diamond trading, marketing, public relations, publicity, corporate branding, and your personal branding agenda.


Diamond Inventory Software with Extended Capabilities
Version 2 marked a turning point in the history of diamond trading on company Internet sites. Version 2 was the first complete re-write of the EasyStock code base. In 2006, after three years of continuous development, version 2.0 was launched.
Version 2 introduced a built-in website with an independent content management system and introduced new features, improving the product quality and becoming a Diamond Inventory Software with extended capabilities allowing users to list and sell loose diamonds with a built-in E-commerce website.


Beginnings of E-commerce for Diamonds
EasyStock started off on a small scale. Initially, it aimed to give solutions to web sites we designed for customers who requested E-commerce solutions.
Each system was designed and developed in a unique way according to individual customer needs. Features were severely limited at that time, only basic procedures, such as a simple display of the stock, were supported just to display inventory.
The name EasyStock was selected with the exclusive purpose of an easy and user-friendly way to promote online diamond businesses.